8:00-8:10 am          Welcome and Opening Remarks

Session 1              Moderator:  Ron Glaser WRI

8:10-8:45         Performance Control of Bituminous Mixtures with a High RAP Content

                              Frederic Delfosse Eurovia

8:45-9:20                A Simple Test to Determine Workability of Asphalt Concrete – Progress Report

                              Raj Dongre Dongre Technical Services

9:20-9:55                Assessment of Parameters for Asphalt Cracking Using Linear Visco-Elastic Properties

                              Geoffrey Rowe Abatech, Inc.

9:55-10:15              Break

10:15-10:50            New Techniques in Binder Property Measurement

                              Michael Hauck ASPRS

10:50-11:25            Performance Prediction of Materials for Pavement

                              Emmanuel Chailleux IFFSTAR

11:25-12:00            Progress Toward Development of the chip Adherence Stability Test

                              Will Grimes Western Research Institute

12:00-1:00 pm        Lunch

Session 2              Moderator:  Alec Cookman WRI

1:00-1:35 pm          Opportunities for Incorporating Performance Evaluation into Mix Design, Construction, and Acceptance

                              Andrew Hanz MTE Services, Inc.

1:35-2:10        Bitumen Chemomechanics Related to Pavement Performance

                              Troy Pauli Western Research Institute

2:10-2:45               Constitutive Modeling of Oxidative Aging Effects on Damage Response of Asphalt Concrete

                              Eisa Rahmani Texas A&M University

2:45-3:05               Break

3:05-3:40               Oxidation, Rheology, and Durability

                              Ron Glaser Western Research Institute

3:40-4:15               Prediction of Complex Shear Modulus and Fracture Properties of Asphalt Binders with Oxidative Aging

                              Haifang Wen Washington Center for Asphalt Technology (WCAT)

4:15-4:50               Evolution of the Crossover Modulus with Oxidative Aging

                              Mike Farrar Western Research Institute



Pavement Performance Prediction Symposium

Organized by Western Research Institute

Hilton Garden Inn & University of Wyoming Conference Center

July 17, 2014 Laramie, Wyoming

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    Innovations for Predicting Pavement Performance

    Measurements and Models