8:00-8:10 am                    Welcome and Opening Remarks


Morning Session               Moderator Jean-Pascal Planche  Western Research Institute


8:10-8:45                        Field and Laboratory Evaluation of Plant Produced Highly-modified Thin Lift

                                        Overlay Mixtures Incorporating RAP Walaa Mogawer  UMassDartmouth

                                        Robert Kluttz  Kraton Polymers


8:45-9:20                        Impact of 20% RAS Binder Replacement on Short Term and 5 Day Aged Mixture Properties  Gerald Reinke  Mathy Construction Company


9:20-9:55                         Rheology Considerations for Recycled Products Geoffrey Rowe  Abatech, Inc.


9:55-10:15                       Break


10:15-10:50                     Effect of RAP Binders and WMA Additives on Fracture Properties of Binders
Hussain Bahia  University of Wisconsin, Madison


10:50-11:25                     Proposed New Phenomenological Model for Dynamic Modulus Prediction of
Asphalt Paving Mixtures Mike Farrar  Western Research Institute


11:25-12:00                     Effect of Rejuvenator on Performance Properties of HMA mixtures with High RAP and RAS Contents Nam Tran  NCAT


12:00-1:00 pm                 Lunch


Afternoon Session                 Moderator Nelson Gibson  Federal Highway Administration


1:00-1:35                         Capturing the Cracking and Durability of Combined High RAP and Warm Mix
Asphalt Technologies Nelson Gibson  Federal Highway Administration


1:35-2:10                         Laboratory and Field Performance of Foam WMA Jean-Paul Fort  COLAS
 Solutions Technical Center


2:10-2:45                         Predicting Christensen-Anderson Model Parameters and Prony Series Relaxation
from Two Aging Conditions Ronald R. Glaser  Western Research Institute


2:45-3:05                         Break


3:05-3:40                         Effect of Aggregate, Binder, and Warm-Mix Additive Interaction on the Durability
of Asphalt Mixtures Elie Hajj  Western Regional Superpave Center


3:40-4:15                         Binder Evaluation of a Bio-Based Warm-Mix Additive R. Christopher Williams
Iowa State University


4:15-4:50                         Update on the Manitoba High RAP Project Mike Harnsberger
Western Research Institute

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Symposium Presentations will be posted at www.petersenasphaltconference.org